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automatic eyebrow pencil

The automatic eyebrow pencil is for everyone, everywhere. Our award-winning, pencil with 22 shades in one, is the only brow pencil of its kind made for all hair colours and skin tones! 

14 Million users can’t be wrong!

  • Well-groomed, natural brows made easy! 
  • One for home. One for your purse.
  • For every brow, everywhere.

With 22 shades in one, it is the only brow pencil of its kind made for all hair colours and skin tones!

fabYOUlous features

One pencil, 22 DIFFERENT SHADES!

Our brow pencil is the only one of its kind! Made for all hair types, colours, and skin tones, the automatic eyebrow pencil is truly universal and changes colour based upon the amount of pressure you apply!

This dual-ended pencil with a spoolie brush helps you create natural-looking, perfectly groomed brows every time! Specially formulated for easy application in short, customizable, feathery strokes.

No need for sharpening - just twist, apply and accentuate the brows for a completely beYOUtiful look.

ybf cares for you, and your world. This product is paraben & cruelty-free!

…brows that wow!

It’s time to take back control of your brows with the ybf automatic eyebrow pencil! Beauties, we all know how important brows are - they help to shape and define your face. Now, it’s easier than ever to have perfect, natural-looking brows - that WOW every day. Our eyebrow pencil matches any hair and skin color – making it truly universal! When properly groomed with our pencil, your brows will help your fabYOUlous eyes sparkle and your beaYOUtiful face shine.

Made in Korea

how to use


Step 1: Hold your ybf automatic eyebrow pencil vertically against the side of your nostril. The point at which the pencil crosses your brow area is where your natural brow line should start and make a mark.

Step 2: While keeping the bottom of the pencil stationary at the base of your nostril, slide the top of the pencil slightly in the direction of your temple across the front of your eye. Stop at the outer edge of your iris (outside colour of your eye). Where the pencil crosses your brow is where your arch should be for the appearance of optimum lift - make a mark.

Step 3: Again, keeping the bottom of the pencil stationary at the base of your nostril, move your pencil diagonally so that it extends past the outer corner of your eye and make a mark. Your brow should not go past this point, or your eye will appear to droop.

Step 4: Now, simply connect your marked spots using small feathery strokes to define and refine your brows.

Step 5: After you apply your pencil shade use the spoolie brush on the end of the pencil to brush up your brows.


1 x 0.005 oz/.14g eyebrow pencil  

Color: Universal Taupe